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About USP CareerPro

USP CareerPro is committed to helping students identify their strengths and interests and providing them with the necessary guidance and resources to pursue their chosen careers. USP CareerPro works closely with students to help them develop a comprehensive understanding of their career options and guides them toward making informed decisions about their academic and professional goals.

USP CareerPro is rooted in its belief that every student has the potential to succeed, and it is committed to helping them achieve their dreams. The rich experience the team brings to table from the fields of teaching, personal finance counseling, planning, implementation and Team management has equipped the firm with the skills and knowledge to guide students toward making informed decisions about their careers, paving the way for numerous successful journeys.

Gazala Nikhil Ghag

After her teaching experience, Gazala worked in the textile industry for nine years, where she gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of working in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. During this time, she developed strong leadership skills and was responsible for managing teams of professionals and delivering high-quality products to clients. It was a very practical experience testing her theoretical knowledge of handling Manpower, Machine and Materials. During this journey she realized there are lot of individuals caught in the wrong job and hence in spite of reaching good heights in the careers selected somewhere the individuals lacked the sense of satisfaction. She always wondered, if these individuals have excelled well in a career choice which was not out of their natural interest then what great heights they would have reached had they received proper guidance to choose from plethora of career choices in tune with their natural interests and inclinations?

The thought lingered in her mind as she decided to work for herself and the idea of starting her own office. She explored and excelled in the field of Personal Financial Planning (under the brand name USP FinPro) another field she wished to lay her hands on. Now after having ten years of experience in providing one-on-one counselling to clients to understand their goals, their dreams and their risk appetite to provide them tailored solutions as per their requirements and risk profile. USP FinPro manages assets worth around 60 crores and works with over 750+ clients in India and abroad along with a team. Gazala n team is known for her unbiased product selection as per the needs of the client, ensuring that they get the best advice and recommendations for their financial goals.

With her extensive experience in teaching, personal finance, and team management, she was still inclined towards pursuing her dream of guiding individuals to design and achieve their Dream professions. With her optimistic nature and unending enthusiasm, Gazala decided to start the Career Counseling segment to enhance the existing and new client’s service experience and impart her knowledge to other individuals and help them become aware of varied career options available today. Hence she added one more segment to her existing services of providing career counseling to give information about relevant fields and assist individuals in choosing professions that align with their strengths and interests. While doing so, she realized that helping students achieve their dreams was one of her true calling, and she wanted to use her skills and expertise to guide them toward making informed decisions about their careers.